4955 Red Bank Road, Galena, Ohio 43021

Madison and Darian Emler; faithful servants and partners of GEMinistries.

Co-founders Greg and L. L. Emler invite you to partake of the ministry God has provided. Through art, music, and other media, teaching from the Word of God is here for you to freely receive.

About Us

The origins of GEMinistries started with a prophetic word delivered to Gregory and Linda Emler in the early 1990's, during a meeting at a Christian church in Anaheim, California,

In the mid 90's, Linda was given a prophetic vision of the ministry, in which God gave specific details of the purpose and scope of what would become GEMinistries.

For ten years the vision remained shelved, throughout a time of apprenticeship and maturation. The building of other ministries built character and patience in the Emler family, in addition to providing necessary training as ministers.

In 2004, the Lord revived the vision; releasing Gregory and Linda to establish GEMinistries. Counsel was sought from major ministries as well as individual acquaintances, to confirm what was received in prayer. These reliable and trusted sources independently agreed that GEMinistries should be founded. The ministry officially became a legal, 501[c]3 entity (United States registered charity) in 2005.

The years since GEMinistries' inception have seen amazing growth in the reach and content of this ministry. We believe that this ministry is not about any one personality, other than the person of Jesus Christ. All of our effort, facilities, resources and energies are dedicated to the heart of the Father in one phrase, “Jesus Is Lord!” [1 Cor. 12:3]