{Y}our Church Christian Fellowship – Jesus, This is Your church, before it is our church.  Through prayer, praise & worship; the Word of God is preached by faith, in Love. One Word from God heals and prospers the believer.​​

Metamorphic – Christian Cultural Recreation Facet: offering retreat services and facilities to re-energize Spiritual focus; assisting people in continuing growth, for the whole person.​​​​

"Servants of Christ providing people with creative ministry and resources for spiritual and personal growth."​​

Prayer – We are people who desire to help people.  Your prayer requests are important to us.  Every request is private and confidential.  Our goal is to bring your needs before God, and pray for His prefect will in your life.​​​​



Connect – Let us hear from you.  Your fellowship is important to us.  Your partnership with us is precious.  We are thankful that you would take time to connect with us, and appreciate your comments.​​


About Us – This ministry is first, and foremost about Jesus—Jesus is Lord!  We are dedicated to helping people grow in greater intimacy with God.  However, at times, people may like to know a little about the leaders and staff of the organization.​​

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​GEMinistries Christian Council – Administrative covering for all facets of the vision.  Additionally, GEMinistries operates in an Apostolic calling: founding, establishing, mentoring, and supporting like-minded churches and ministries.​​

​Receive – Christian Performance Resource Facet: Provides platforms for people to share the gospel through exhibiting, performing, and publishing their work; in accordance with Biblical principles.​​​​​

4955 Red Bank Road, Galena, Ohio 43021

Eden Arts – Christian Arts Ministry Production Facet: assisting people to grow in godly character, spiritual and artistic gifts.  GEMinistries provides guidance, facilities and assistance; spirit, soul and body.​​​

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  GEMinistries copyright 2005-2019     ~      Jesus is Lord!


Giving – GEMinistries is funded by the generous donations of people who are blessed by the ministry.  We do not sell product, nor do we solicit offerings.  All of our resources are free.  We are a 501c[3] nonprofit corp.  Your gifts to GEMinistries are tax deductible.​​​​