Co-founders Greg and L. L. Emler invite you to partake of the ministry God has provided. Through art, music, and other media, teaching from the Word of God is here for you to freely receive.

About Us


Madison and Darian Emler; faithful servants and partners of GEMinistries.

Gregory and Linda Emler were both born in Ohio.  Married since 1981; God has blessed them with two wonderful [home-schooled] children.  Linda has earned Bachelors and Masters degrees in vocal performance.  Gregory possesses a Bachelor of Music Education degree, with post-graduate work in composition and performance.  Upon graduation, both pursued careers in music performance, composition, and recording in Atlanta and Los Angeles.  

The vision for GEMinistries was received in 1994, out of a calling to help those in the arts and entertainment industry. Its' purpose is to edify and encourage Christian artists and ministers.  GEMinistries was established as a 501[c]3 nonprofit corporation in 2005.  GEM's function is to help people to grow in intimacy with God.  

As training for ministry, Linda and Gregory “helped to build another ministry, while God built GEMinistries.”  For almost 10 years they served in "helps ministry"; sound, praise and worship, theater, bookstore and children's ministry.  God then raised them up, ordaining Linda and Gregory as elders.  Linda preached at conferences and meetings, while Gregory was music director for praise and worship ministry.  Gregory went on to become CFO/administrator and assistant pastor.  

Since 2005, they both have led GEMinistries Christian Council.  GEMinistries continues to support the local church, itinerant ministries, outreaches and missionaries.  Gregory and Linda are currently preaching, mentoring artists, supporting ministers, producing ministry music, video and print; edifying the Body of Christ, and presenting the Gospel to the world.

Their son, Darian Emler, has worked for GEMinistries in the capacity of administration and internet communication since 2014. Their daughter, Madison, has assisted in video production, as well as praise and worship for {Y}Our Church since 2015.  Both are a tremendous blessing to the ministry, and the partners of GEMinistries.